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Bunting offers the complete range of magnets, magnet materials and magnet production techniques. With factories in the UK, USA and offices in China, Italy and Bulgaria we are a world leader in the supply of all magnet materials; for both high and low volumes.

Buntings team of Engineers and technical experts, with industry leading expertise are here to help with:

  • Selection of the correct grade of magnet.
  • Cost reduction, by analysing the use and application of the magnet.
  • Supply Chain Management. UK Quality control and stockholding – Kanban / JIT deliveries.
  • Helping design your magnet system

Bunting is a leader in the new magnetic technologies that are being developed, such as:

  • Fully Radially Aligned Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
  • Grain Boundary Diffusion
  • The latest highest strength grades
  • High holding force Magnets for the Automotive Industry
  • Very stable magnet technology for Aerospace applications.

We also have millions of magnets in stock for same day dispatch, which can be purchased online at: www.e-magnetsuk.com


For further information on our magnet capabilities please visit www.buntingeurope.com