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Metal Detectors

Bunting are one of Great Britain’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Metal Detection equipment. We supply a full range of ferrous and non-ferrous Metal Detectors, used to improve product quality and to ensure maximum protection from metal contamination. Whatever the application, Metal Detection can offer to carry out sample trials and site evaluations, helping to determine the most suitable and cost-effective solution.


Industrial Metal Detectors

Bunting has a varied range of metal detectors to suit many different applications. The detectors can vary dependant on whether they are to be installed on either conveyors or pipelines. They can also vary in sensitivity, dependant on the size of the contamination or the industry they are to be used in. Here you can browse through the range of our industrial metal detectors that we can supply and find out more about how they could help your business.


The heavy-duty QTA detector is the perfect solution for applications that require reliable detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as manganese steels from conveyed products.


Similar to the QTA, the QDC metal detector is capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from belt conveyors. The QDC can also be used for applications involving chutes, pipelines and other similar materials handling equipment. With a much higher level of sensitivity, the QDC is able to detect very small amounts of contamination.

The TN77

Used for the continuous inspection of non-metallic or non-conductive materials on a conveyor belt, the TN77 metal detector is a great solution for detecting any tramp iron and manganese steel that may be within a product stream.

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Available with an automatic rejecting mechanism, the pipeline metal detectors are able to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from pipelines, chutes and other free fall situations.

The Underbelt detector

Ideal for shallow burden applications, the Underbelt metal detector is capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals within a conveyed product. The most economical solutions to tramp metal contamination.

The High Sensitivity detector

The discovery metal detector is used in the most demanding applications for the detection of very fine metallic particles from products in food processing, pharmaceutical and other similar applications.